Cheap Websites and the Meaning of Life

Cheap websites and The Meaning of Life

Ha! Surely not Gerry! Cheap websites and The Meaning of Life! Well yes bear with this. There are cheap websites and cheap websites and if, like me a percentage of your work is with start up businesses how do you square wanting to help those people at an affordable price whilst sticking to principles of ‘best practice’ without shortcuts in web design and still run a viable business?

My solution is WP Quicklaunch, a service aimed at people who want to get ‘hands on’ with a lower cost WordPress solution. From many years of experience I’ve developed a process and systems whereby I can help people get what they want without breaking their bank account and for that to remain a viable service from my perspective.

Get ‘hands on’ with a lower cost WordPress solution


As for ‘The Meaning of Life, this is a reference to one of the books from my reading list during the Christmas break; Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl.

I usually read books on recommendation, this was recommended by an amazing lady who I came across recently by the name of Marie Forleo. Marie runs a weekly video session which rather than call it a ‘video blog’ I’d describe as an online TV series.


With the help of her own experience and various guests she answers questions relating to real life problems and imparts a great deal of wisdom. She also oozes charisma helpfulness and recently recommended reading The Meaning of Life.

Man’s Search for Meaning, is a relatively short book however from the title you might guess it’s also a book of substance. The first section of the book tells the story of Frankl’s experiences as a prisoner of war during the second world war. The rest of the book seeks to make some sense and draw conclusions from that time. It achieves that goal spectacularly. The message reminds me of another book that was recommended to me; Finding Your Why’ by Simon Sinek, for me Frankl gets the message of ‘finding your why’ across much more effectively.   

And that set off a light bulb realisation for me that I have a strong ‘Why’, the reason I invented WP Quicklaunch is because I’m passionate about helping people to avoid the mistakes and the resulting stress that can come from getting a cheap website that is unfortunately poor quality. More often than not my customers depend upon their website as a key tool in earning a living from their business. I can empower them to become owners of a website that they understand and can control. A website that doesn’t have in store any dark and expensive secrets.

The ‘Why’ Behind WP Quicklaunch

Frankl has succeeded in spelling out to me how and importantly ‘why’ I’ve reached the point in devising a service that helps people to be involved in building their own website.

  • The Platform – The go to solution for websites is invariably WordPress but unfortunately WordPress is so often the problem. Everyone and their Granny are building WordPress websites! And time after time it’s set up wrong from the start, resulting in anything from expensive and time consuming frustration to outright disaster.
  • The Need – I’ve identified a need for an honest provider to enter the market who has seen (and yes, sometimes made!) the fundamental mistakes. The resulting product is a future proof website that is setup correctly, that follows industry recognised best practices in every sense and is user friendly allowing easy content management.
  • The Core – At the core of the service are:
    • A desire to ensure the resilience and future success of the client’s website.
    • Sharing of knowledge and reducing ‘techno stress’.
    • Protection from security threats that most WordPress website owners are blissfully unaware of until it’s too late.
    • Providing the website owner with the ultimate marketing tool for their venture.

The guiding principles come from deep within, are ethically based and a reflection of a desire to help people. They are principles that have guided my approach to business from day one, sometimes these principles result in less profit in the short term. In the longer term I’m convinced they’re the reason I’ve survived in business for fourteen years and more importantly add meaning to my work.  

Get ‘hands on’ with a lower cost WordPress solution.

If you’re prepared to be ‘hands on’ then a cheap website that’s high on quality is a possibility with WP Quicklaunch.


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