Having invested time and money in attending TCMA2015 (The Content Marketing Academy Conference 2015) I’m reviewing how my business is going to kick on and really turn this marvellous two days into a long term force for improvement.

There was an underlying connectivity at this event that I sensed the moment that I walked into the building on Thursday morning, from that point on everywhere I looked and each way I turned I was meeting completely open and friendly folk who were looking to learn, teach and share. A community in fact. If you were there you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you weren’t there and you’re reading this and other posts about the event you could be forgiven for thinking that this was some kind of cult gathering so great has been the enthusiasm. No, don’t think of it as a cult as that has negative connotations. The Content Marketing Conference was and is a positive force, the enthusiasm comes from the fact that this is still in its infancy and we’re riding a wave of optimism. There will be some ups and downs and certainly a lot of hard work to translate the whole experience into a successful business model, for the TCMA community that holds no fears as we have the learning opportunities and support to make it work.

Marcus Sheridan’s Impact on The Content Marketing Academy Conference 2015

I’d expected that there would be a motivational boost from the event. I knew there would be this ‘return’ as I’ve been listening to Marcus Sheridan speak on his Sales Lion podcasts for months, the man’s on fire! Don’t get me wrong, the main reason for you, me or anyone else to engage with him or his content isn’t for motivation. That’s a significant bonus but not what he’s all about. What he’s about are proven techniques based upon the principles of realising that those who choose to be the teachers in their field will be the winners.
I’ve followed Marcus Sheridan’s podcasts since hearing him talk in an interview with Troy Dean earlier in 2015, I also read his ebook Chris Marr has also discovered Marcus Sheridan, Chris is an expert in his own right in the field and has brought about a unique community under his umbrella. He hasn’t sat on the opportunity, he’s picked it up and sprinted with it.

The Chris Marr Effect

The result; TCMA2015 was a perfectly formed conference that wasn’t really a conference, it was a workshop, a course, a seminar, a social gathering, a series of presentations by top drawer speakers.
Day 1 was the Marcus Sheridan workshop, this promised to be the opportunity of a lifetime and the reality was even greater than that. This was the workshop to end all workshops, the guy has an emotional story to tell of how failure was turned into success with his River Pools business and the consequences for himself and his family. He tells that story, he teaches us how he did it. He teaches us how he’s taught other people to have the same dramatic effect using his methods. He teaches in such a style that for all the world comes across as completely natural, I know that to be only partly true. His teaching style also owes something to his studies of how to teach effectively. The combination of the success story, his giving and dynamic personality along with meticulous preparation delivers awesome value.

Day 2 – The Keynote Speaker Day

This was how it unfolded:
  1. Gavin Oates @gavinoattes Gavin got day 2 off to a flying start with a light hearted yet at the same time emotional talk about his experiences in education. That may sound a bit dry, it was anything but. He touched a chord with me as he described the honesty and innocence of children, of their goal each and every day to have and spread fun with those around them. Gavin was impressive.
  2. Mike McGrail @mike_mcgrail Mike was a perfect fit for this event, he’s an expert in social media and tells it just like it is with lots of valuable takeaways for digital marketers. I was lucky enough to have a couple of beers with Mike at the after event gathering before catching my train home, a great guy. Sorry to see the Scotland result didn’t go your way Mike!
  3. Karen Strunks  @karenstrunks Karen and I connected on Twitter before the event and she connected with everyone at TCMA with a completely honest account of how she’s taken control of her destiny. She convinced us all that we can banish fear and peer pressure to follow our instincts and work the way we want to.
  4. Richard Tubb @tubblog  Richard was another speaker who I connected with before arriving in Edinburgh making it easy to cement that relationship when we met in person. Richard has strong links with my home town of Newcastle and we’re planning to get together again soon. He has a fantastic success story to share and strongly believes that we can follow his formula with some straight forward ‘Remarkable’ habits in our lives and businesses. That’s the challenge from Richard Tubb; ‘Be Remarkable!’
  5. Stefan Thomas @NoRedBraces Stefan Thomas is well known to those of us who include business networking events in our marketing mix. There’s a theme with Stefan that aligned perfectly with the ethos of TCMA2015; ‘Givers Gain’. Many of us are familiar with the phrase but do we practice it on a daily basis? I know that I haven’t done that nearly enough but also know that the more I do it the better things get. The philosophy has got to become who I am from this day on.
  6. Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion – More about The Sales Lion. OK you’ve read quite a bit about this already. As the last speaker to appear at the end of the two days you might be forgiven for expecting a bit of a slow down from him. Maybe a bit of a Q & A? Forget that. He embarked upon a whirlwind summary of the previous days workshop, the presentation took your breath away with hard a hitting delivery of fast and accurate talk, slides, questions, answers, humour and warmth. It could not have been surpassed by anyone. Find out more by listening to this video for TCMA2015 with the Marcus Sheridan definition of Content Marketing

Join The Chris Marr Journey

We have an opportunity to join Chris on this journey, he’s inviting you to be a part of it. Do yourself a favour, get booked up for TCMA2016 now.