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Improve Your WordPress Security

Improve Your WordPress Security

By GK | Jan 3, 2017

This video walks you through how you can Improve Your WordPress Security in under two minutes using the Wordfence plugin. Wordfence has been downloaded on over 1 million websites, has a five star rating and is updates regularly. This video is an introduction to Wordfence. Improve Your WordPress Security – Get your website setup with…

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Do I Need Meta Keywords?

By GK | Oct 26, 2016

Before writing an article or blog post think strategically about the business case behind the article, start with the title which should contain a relevant search term and keep that as your focus not the question ‘Do I Need Meta Keywords?’ Rather than going down the spammy route of stuffing in as many Meta Keywords…

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What is Website Hosting?

By GK | Sep 27, 2016

What is Website Hosting? This may to some of the tech savvy amongst us sound like a dumb question however it’s a common geek misconception to believe that everyone has the same level of understanding of these matters. We all understand the importance of having a business website, but when you start putting one together…

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How to How to Resize an Image for Your WordPress Website

By GK | Aug 17, 2016

Because WordPress can resize and manipulate images I’m often asked for advice on how you would resize an image for your WordPress website within WordPress. This topic is covered in the WP Quicklaunch video tutorials but today I’m here to say that manipulating images in WordPress is the wrong approach. WordPress is not an image…

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Install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin.

Install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin – an Easy Guide

By GK | Jul 19, 2016

Measure results – Install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin, there’s been some confusion as the former Yoast plugin has been renamed and is now known as ‘Monster Insights’ and is the subject of this article. Setting up a website and providing company information and services on our pages is only the first step. To make…

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Talking Point of Business

Talking Point of Business – Conference and Sponsorship

By GK | Jul 7, 2016

Last Friday (1 July 2016) saw the third annual Talking Point of Business (or TPBiz, to those in the know) event, organised by Tiana Wilson-Buys from Talking Business and Heather Williams of Talking Point Events, which I was delighted to sponsor by helping with their website development. The conference gives local businesses the chance to…

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Adjusting Row Height in Beaver Builder

Adjusting Row Height in Beaver Builder

By GK | Jan 13, 2016

This article shows you how to go about Adjusting Row Height in Beaver Builder. The Beaver Builder page builder plugin is a user friendly front end editing tool that works beautifully to enable anyone to quickly build responsive web pages on a WordPress website. ‘Front end editing’, for anyone not familiar with WordPress admin, refers…

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wordpress child theme

What is a WordPress Child Theme

By GK | Dec 17, 2015

What is a WordPress Child Theme One of the first tasks when setting up a new WordPress website before even getting to the question of What is a WordPress Child Theme is to choose a main theme, this may be anything from an exciting or dreaded job depending upon your own experiences. As far as I…

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How to Enable or Disable Comments on WordPress Website

Enable or Disable Comments on WordPress Website

By GK | Nov 6, 2015

I was asked recently by my good friend Pete ‘How can I enable or disable comments on a WordPress website? What he wanted to do specifically was enable comments on a WordPress website. Wether you want to Enable or Disable Comments on a WordPress Website we’ll look at the process here. The reason Pete needed…

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