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Regular Colleagues on Tap coworkers are well aware of the power of coworking. It’s said that 80% of business startups fail within the first 18 months, at coworking days you’ll find a number of business people who’ve been in business beyond that crucial first 18 months, by definition these are amongst the top 20% of business people in our area – individuals who are making it work it and one of the reasons is that they see the value of being amongst their peers, learning, connecting and sharing.
The recent coworking day at The Beacon in Newcastle was an example of this with ideas and experiences shared freely and frankly.

Spot Chat

The lunch time spot chat topic was ‘Marketing – Is Getting and Keeping Customers Your First Job Every Day?’ This based on the premise that if so then are we prioritising our marketing accordingly?Business Consultant Tiana Wilson-Buys certainly prioritises marketing both within her own business and when advising her customers. Tiana shared experience gained as a longstanding successful entrepreneur. Marketing says Tiana is like a machine, ‘You need to crank the wheel and keep it turning consistently and like a machine it will produce results.’ Tiana advises that communicating on an ongoing basis with your existing customers can be the most productive means of gaining the very best kind of business, i.e. referrals. To do so you need a system, amongst other things Tiana suggests that we should make 3 courtesy calls per day to existing customers.

Kathryn Clarke is a Colleagues on Tap Associate who runs corking days in Newton Aycliffe Kathryn’s has a wealth of business experience from a young age and helps people to be successful by being themselves; by conveying your personality in your business to strengthen your brand. Business in 2015 demands that you r marketing must include you. Kathryn advocates maximising on your personal brand in all of your marketing both in physical connections and in the digital world. Kathryn has helped many business people to successfully achieve this goal over the years and does so successfully in her own business in as much as her warmth and genuine nature shine through, any prospective customer couldn’t fail to trust Kathryn completely.

Relationship coach Beverly Sherratt helps professionals achieve continual improvement, she works with both public sector and private clients to implement proven systems. Psychometric testing is a recognised method of helping people to understand the profile of their customer and decide which approach they will be most receptive to using the DISC system. Beverly makes a commitment to provide her services free of charge where possible as a fundamental ethos, she currently commits to 5 times a year giving free 2 hour taster sessions. Yes, we all need to be paid for our time but Beverly points out that 10 hours over the period of 12 months is achievable and worthwhile on many fronts.

Natalie Eminae of Ococo Media is an expert in the field of marketing, social media marketing in particular. She speaks at business events on a regular basis and has a passion for her field that shines through whenever you’re in her company. Natalie recommends that marketing shouldn’t be random task but rather a part of your every day routine in business. A good resource recommended by Natalie is a book by Paul Arden:

Sharon McArthur of Red Handbag business consultancy has a background in corporate business and now works with businesses of all sizes. Sharon provides strategies that help others to see there is an alternative way of thinking, then taking action. Originally started to help women with confidence issues in the workplace Red Handbag has grown to help business at all levels develop brilliant leaders. Sharon has also committed to volunteer her leadership services to charities and is working towards this goal in the next 12 months.

Wendy Haden of Enigma Wills & Trusts is embarking on a marketing push for her business, Wendy recognises social media as good route to getting the value of her services across to a wider audience. The use of video on her website and social media was identified of a great way for Wendy to increase awareness of her services and how with a little bit of forethought a lot of heartache can be avoided. Content with case studies of how vital it is that we all organise our finances to protect our assets for the good of our families will provide Wendy with powerful video content.

As a successful business consultant Avril Scott believes focus is vital in helping people to grow their business by targeting the right people in a marketing plan. Avril agreed that referrals are often an untapped means of bringing about business results. As a Colleagues on Tap Associate running successful coworking days from the Red Lion in Alnmouth Avril is a firm believer in the concept of a supportive network of like minded people sharing experiences and supporting one another.

Coworking at The Beacon is hosted by Gerry King of Web Design Company i-Netco