Install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin.

Measure results – Install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin, there’s been some confusion as the former Yoast plugin has been renamed and is now known as ‘Monster Insights’ and is the subject of this article. Setting up a website and providing company information and services on our pages is only the first step. To make sure the site is visible and getting regular visitors, we need to add new and valuable content as well. But how do we measure that? One of the most popular tools is Google Analytics. Google has is the undisputed king of the search engines, and Analytics, like a lot of their programmes, is free and easy to use.

How to get Started 

  1. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to set up a Google Analytics account, so head to Don’t worry, it’s quick and free to sign up for an account, and as soon as that’s done you can apply Analytics to your site.

If you have a Google account (for Gmail), you can visit the site as above, click “Get Started” as shown below and sign in with your usual email address and password.

Install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin

Install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin

  1. Next, add your web domain to Google Analytics. From the main page, click the “Admin” tab. Then, in the middle column, click on the “Property” dropdown list and select “Create new property”.
  1. Give the website a name (such as your business name) and then in the “Website URL” box, type your full website address, including the www. The http:// has already been added for you.
  2. Choose an Industry category, and try to pick the description closest to what your company does; it’s not always possible to get an exact match. Make sure the “Reporting Time Zone” corresponds to where you are in the world, then click “Get tracking ID.”

What’s next?

  1. These are the steps to set up and install Google Analytics with Yoast Plugin. Under the Home tab, you will see your website address and a code in brackets. The code will start “UA-” followed by a series of numbers – you need to copy this as it’s the key to running Analytics on your site.
  1. Next, log in to your WordPress site. Select plugins from the menu bar on the left-hand side, choose “Add New” and search for “Google Analytics Yoast.” Scroll down until you find a plugin called “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.”
Go to the plugins page on the WordPress Dashboard

Go to the plugins page on the WordPress Dashboard

Select 'Install Now' on the Google Analytics by Monster Insights plugin

Select ‘Install Now’ on the Google Analytics by Monster Insights plugin

  1. Click the “Install” button on the right hand side of the box. Once it’s been successfully installed you can find it in the same left-hand menu under “Insights” à “Settings”. Look for the box that says “Manually enter your UA code” and paste in the code you copied from Google Analytics.

*At this point, you will notice a message which says “Warning, if you use a manual UA code, you won’t be able to use the dashboards.” This is a reference to the Yoast dashboards, and not relevant here for the basic set-up. Don’t panic!*

  1. Click “Save Changes” and Google Analytics will be installed. It’ll get to work straight away on tracking your visitors.

How easy is that? Give Analytics a couple of weeks to bed in and monitor your site before you start looking at the data, as the more information it gathers, the more helpful the data is.