Newcastle - Coworking on Periscope

The Beacon in Newcastle upon Tyne was the venue for our landmark Colleagues on Tap coworking day on September 10th, the Newcastle Coworking on Periscope event.

You’d be understood for raising your eyebrows at that statement, yes it was at The Beacon and yes it was Colleagues on Tap and so on but landmark? Really?

For me it was, for fellow coworkers I can’t say for sure that it was landmark but the vibes I got from all present both beforehand and then afterwards were positive about my idea to Periscope our customary SpotChat. Then again, coworkers generally are positive people, they’re almost always self employed – they’ve made the leap at some point to choose working for themselves in business rather than be employed by someone else. That demands a positive outlook.

Newcastle Coworking on Periscope – How Did It Go?

Now is the time to reflect and report on early impressions of Periscope.

  1. Why Periscope our meeting (or anything for that matter).
  2. Is it worth doing or not? Does it have any value?
  3. From a technical point of view, how did I do it? Is anyone even interested in that?
  4. How did it go? What if anything were the problems?
  5. What about afterwards. What happens to the resulting video?

Answer 1 – I’m not generally an early adopter of new stuff so doing this went slightly against the grain. Many reading this will tell me I’m late in arriving at the Periscope party, certainly my colleagues who I met at the Content Marketing Academy Conference in Edinburgh last week will say I’m not early at all. They all seemed to be Periscope veterans!

That’s how I ended up doing this. I was intrigued by how and why they were using Periscope. I downloaded the app and signed into a few broadcasts and was fascinated at how engaged I became with the content. ‘This is inbound’ in all its glory. Inbound marketing is content that people choose to be exposed to, it’s relevant and of interest. Periscope content is mobile and so very easy to consume. I’d spent two days at TCMA, people who I respect and have engaged with were talking about the conference and I wanted to listen.

Answer 2 – Periscope is like a TV documentary on steroids! I’m interested in TCMA content and what these people are talking about. I identify with the information, it has the potential to add value to what I do and therefore is of value to me.

Answer 3 – The technology is easy to use and that was my main apprehension. Lots of people are doing it whereas I’m doing it for the first time in front of the people round me and possibly people online. What if I make myself look stupid? I’m sure I did, there was a fair amount of fumbling and uncertainty on my behalf for sure. Lessons have been learned. Type the title of the broadcast as step 1 before hitting the record button, tap the iPhone screen twice to flip the camera from me over to others in the room and vice versa. (Should I have already known that?)

Answer 4 – Keep an eye on comments from others  – they appear as text rising up from the bottom of the screen. You should acknowledge genuine visitors and block the trolls sending abuse, yes I’m afraid they’re there and we had them. I need to find out how to control that best.

Answer 5 – Following the live broadcast you have the option to send it out in a tweet via the App which I did, you can also copy a link to the broadcast into an email to send to yourself and others. The broadcast within the app has a shelf life ( 24 hours I’ve read, find out more here – ).

My instinct is that for Colleagues on Tap SpotChats Periscope is perfect. We usually try to write a summary to post out so why not a video? Although my plan was to only broadcast the early part of our talk and I stuck to that I could in hindsight have been more concise in how I planned and hosted the chat. People’s time is valuable so don’t ramble or indulge if you want anyone to get value. If other coworking venues Periscoped their SpotChats I’d certainly be signing in either live or later, likewise there are other broadcasts that I have and will in future engage with.

I believe this is a groundbreaking tool and the most effective marketers are going to use it to vastly accelerate growth in their profile, their content, their message, their followers and ultimately their businesses.

Here it is, warts and all. We talked about our website content and discussed the matter of how well we are answering questions or meeting needs; firstly to achive visibility in search engine results and secondly when people arrive on our website.

Are our websites effective Content Marketing tools and do/should we care?