Because WordPress can resize and manipulate images I’m often asked for advice on how you would resize an image for your WordPress website within WordPress. This topic is covered in the WP Quicklaunch video tutorials but today I’m here to say that manipulating images in WordPress is the wrong approach.

WordPress is not an image editing application. Why would you upload a full size image from your mobile or camera straight to the WordPress media library and resize an image for your WordPress website in WordPress and consequently add unnecessary data to your database? There are tons of free or cheap easy to use image editing applications available that you can use to carry out basic image editing and optimisation before uploading to your website.  

Decide what size you would like the image to be on your website, open your image editing software and get it done. Keep the image editing application open so if you’re not happy with the size on your website you can also go back in and tweak things in just a few seconds.

I find that this is the one task I carry out more often than any other, to simply scale down the size of an image, invariably huge images are sent to me for website use in the original size; 1000’s of pixels x 1000’s of pixels!

Here’s what I do to quickly solve that, I use the free to download powerful image editing application Gimp

I’ll do a quick run through for you of how I scale down an image:

  1. First of all open the image you want to scale down in Gimp and click scale image

Resize an Image for Your WordPress Website 1

2. Here’s where you scale the image

Resize an Image for Your WordPress Website 2

  1. And finally export your image ready to upload to WordPress

Resize an Image for Your WordPress Website 3

To improve your workflow and speed of work use the drag and drop feature in WordPress to quickly drag images into your pages.

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