Talking Point of Business

Last Friday (1 July 2016) saw the third annual Talking Point of Business (or TPBiz, to those in the know) event, organised by Tiana Wilson-Buys from Talking Business and Heather Williams of Talking Point Events, which I was delighted to sponsor by helping with their website development. The conference gives local businesses the chance to increase their knowledge and develop links with each other.

talking point of business

The day was fun and interactive, and delegates benefited from a mixture of workshops and keynote speakers. Tiana talked through her new book, The Referral Harvester, which is based on a method she developed herself over many years in business and enables her to consistently make connections and generate business.


Talking Point of Business Speakers

Alongside Tiana, Victoria Fleming of Buzztastic Ltd talked about negotiation for successful business agreements, and Joanne Dolezal of Dolezal Communications discussed how to maximise email marketing. They also participated in an expert panel Q&A, along with Natalie Eminae of Ococo Media. Attendees also got to vote on their “Business of the Year” – 2016’s most coveted prize went to marketing experts Andrew and Pete Marketing.


There was a lot to take in over the course of the day, but hosts Campus North outdid themselves with food and plenty of hot drinks. And in case anyone missed something important, MC-Media were on hand to capture the whole thing on video.

I’ve attended TPBiz before, there’s a great atmosphere and the challenges they set (this year was making and selling origami ducks!) are a brilliant way to get people talking and networking.

Talking Point of Business and WP Quicklaunch

For the latest event, Heather and Tiana wanted to ramp up promotion and a website was vital to enforce credibility. To keep ticket costs down and retain control, they wanted to be as ‘hands on’ as possible as far as the new website was concerned and asked me if I could provide sponsorship by way of support with that task.

Knowing Tiana and Heather well, I felt they were a great fit for my WP Quicklaunch service, which is ideal for businesses who know the importance of a great website, but don’t have the time or expertise to build one from scratch themselves.

To start things off properly I advised Heather on how to sign up for the domain name and website hosting. I set WordPress up on the TPBiz Siteground hosting account  following the WP Quicklaunch blueprint*

With the basics sorted, Heather and I sat down for a four hour, one-to-one workshop where she created the site layout – this included the home page and four additional pages. This gave her hands on involvement in the creative process and the confidence to go on to populate and manage the website.

I was given an opportunity at the start of the TPBiz event to present to the delegates and explain why I had introduced the WP Quicklaunch service: essentially to enable businesses to build attractive websites with all of the WordPress functionality for their clients or themselves but avoid crucial mistakes that will impact on the future viability of the website and ensure the site is a showcase for their brand.

Marcus Sheridan’s ‘They Ask – You Answer’

In my presentation I followed Marcus Sheridan’s “They ask, you answer” philosophy to illustrate how this worked, and showed the delegates a series of cards with questions I’ve heard from clients over the years. My presentation was loosely inspired by the classic Bob Dylan video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues” – several of the attendees spotted the reference, so I must have got it right, even though I forgot my waistcoat!

WP Quicklaunch

*If you’re interested in WordPress Quicklaunch, this is a brief summary of what’s included:

  • WordPress installed properly on your hosting account
  • Responsive commercial theme installed
  • Intuitive front end Page Builder plugin installed
  • WordPress security plugin installed
  • SEO plugin installed
  • WordPress General Settings done for you
  • Home page set up ready for your content
  • Main navigation menu set up
  • Membership access to video tutorials
  • Google Analytics plugin installed

talking point of business


If you’d like to have a chat just get in touch, and I’ll see you at next year’s TPBiz! 
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