What Are Keywords and How Do They Work? – People complain frequently about Google moving the goal posts when it comes to the rules for ranking a website. A lot of the discussion is speculation because Google keep this side of their business as a closely guarded trade secret, however, if you follow established best practice you have every chance of success.

The Meta Title Tag appears in the first line of a search result and needs to match the search term of your customer. The keywords should then be repeated throughout your page.

Title: Nursing home in Wigan

Meta Description: Information about nursing care of old people in Wigan

Keywords: Old people Wigan, nursing home Wigan, care homes Wigan, nursing care home Wigan, elderly people care Wigan

The keywords also need to be placed in your main page heading (H1 Tag) and several times throughout your content. Ask the question: are the keywords relevant to searches? And remember, when we think of searches we need to think of people looking for information who in all probability still have their debit card, cheque book or whatever firmly in their pocket.

It’s well established now that web page rankings are heavily influenced by incoming links from authoritative websites, a good way to achieve incoming links is to write useful content that people will link to.

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